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"To be able to dispose of such virtuosity in dramatic exhibition, we must master the inside life, that what struck in Elie Kanaan's work".

Gérard Mourgue
Art critic - Poet (Figaro)
General manager of the French Television

"Elie Kanaan's success in the orchestration of colours, isn't the only expression of his gifts as painters, but the result of large voluntary researches oriented towards beauty".

Henri Seyrig
Director of France's Museums

" Elie Kanaan's brush goes from the Nebula, heads towards the profile or concrete image, gives itself the thrill in staying in suspense where everything is suggested, possible, future. We share in this intermediate state where the colour plays at erasing itself, and where every shape is rich in its creature signification".

Alain bosquet
Poet and Art Critic (Figaro)

"Each of Elie Kanaan's painting is an achievement. The quality of the colours, the richness in his pictural ways evolves in the deaf intensity of tones. Calm and at the same time vibrating with an inside state.

Hubert Guillet
Conservative of Beautiful - Arts of Rouen